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Finca Las Aguas - Franchy Film Locations Tenerife

Finca Las Aguas

This property is split in two by the peculiar tunnel of Las Aguas, which protects the road from landslides of La Culata cliff. It is one kilometre from Garachico town centre.

The lower area has approximately 20,000 m2 surface area made up of stone agricultural terraces and direct access to a pebble beach, Playa de Las Aguas. At one end of the property there are three derelict little houses made of stone. At the opposite end, there is another small building by the sea, in front of a tank that collects the spring water from the upper part of the property.

Above the tunnel, there is 40,000 m2 of laurisilva forests with amazing views of the sea and Garachico. This area can only be reached by a four-wheel drive vehicle.


Carretera Gral. Icod - Grachico Km 42
Garachico, Tenerife, Spain.


Conrado Brier
+34 639 585 857

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